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A New Original Podcast Series about Alex Harvey on QUB radio
Jul 02, 2019

As everyone now knows, Alex Harvey will retire after his next Cross-Country World Cup race on the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City, March 22 to 24. Starting today,  QUB radio is shining a spotlight on one of Quebec’s greatest athletes with an up-close-and-personal look at the Saint-Ferréol-les-Neiges native, in a new podcast series titled Alex Harvey, sur les traces d’un champion.


This 4-part mini-series explores how this exceptional man became a champion not just in sports, but in life as well. Through in-depth interviews with family members, friends and trainers, we look back at key moments in Alex Harvey’s impressive life and career, as the 30-year-old athlete gets ready to retire from competition.


Episode 1 is available today on the QUB radio app, online at, and on several additional platforms including iTunes, Spotify, TuneIn, Google Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher, etc.


Episode Synopses

EP01: Born to Ski – Available February 27

Alex’s father was a cyclist and cross-country skier who accomplished the incredible feat of competing in the Summer and Winter Olympics – in the same year! It’s no wonder that sports were ingrained in Alex from a very young age. In fact, school sports programs are what saved this hyperactive boy from having to take medication. Featuring interviews with Alex, his dad Pierre Harvey, his mom Mireille Belzile, his sister Sophie Harvey, and his first coach, Marc Charbonneau. 


EP02: Sweat & Discipline – Available March 6

Follow Alex’s long and arduous journey from hyperactive kid to accomplished athlete. What’s surprising about his adolescent years is that no one suspected he might one day become a champion – least of all himself! Featuring interviews with Alex, his dad Pierre Harvey, his mom Mireille Belzile, his sister Sophie Harvey, and his coach of over 15 years, Louis Bouchard. 

EP03: The Climb – Available March 13

We look back at Alex’s first wins and his breathtaking climb to the top. Through discipline and hard work, despite some hard knocks and pitfalls along the way, Alex Harvey managed to push himself even harder to earn his place among the very best in the world. Featuring interviews with Alex, Sophie Ringuet (his girlfriend of almost 10 years), and his coach Louis Bouchard.


EP04: Endless Snow – Available March 20

Alex is now widely recognized as one of the world’s top cross-country skiers and one of Canada’s greatest athletes. As the sun sets on his exceptional career, will he leave his tracks in the snow for all time? Can he claim to be the greatest Canadian cross-country skier of all time without ever having won an Olympic medal? Featuring interviews with Alex and the people around him: his dad Pierre Harvey, his mom Mireille Belzile, his girlfriend Sophie Ringuet, his coach Louis Bouchard, and his agent Denis Villeneuve.



Directing & Editing: Anne-Sophie Carpentier 

Concept: Bastien Gagnon Lafrance 

Narration: Frédéric Lord 

Music: Bluedot Sessions  

Production: QUB radio

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