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Barbies Chooses Quebecor Platforms to Unveil New Positioning
Jul 02, 2019

360° Advertising Network and Restaurant Chain Join Forces for the Quand on parle barbecue Campaign

The Barbies restaurant chain called on Quebecor’s 360° Advertising Network team to showcase its all-Quebec identity and new positioning as the “BBQ destination for the whole family”. At the core of the Quand on parle barbecue campaign, the brand highlights its key attributes, i.e. best value, generosity, authenticity, comforting client experience, BBQ-focused menu with signature dishes cooked on the grill, friendly service, and a festive and welcoming atmosphere.


The 360° Advertising Network team optimizes Barbies’ visibility in the Quebecor media ecosystem via a multiplatform campaign running April 1 to September 1, 2019. Executions will be progressively deployed on TV (TVA, LCN, Yoopa), out-of-home (transit shelters and buses), magazines (Coup de Pouce and a special BBQ issue), digital ( and other digital properties), and newspapers (Le Journal de Montréal, Le Journal de Québec).  


Creatively, the choice was made to leverage the famous Barbies jingle – a classic for over 20 years – in a fresh, dynamic and light-hearted version, with the help of comedian Mathieu Cyr. The tune is an instant charmer that’s sure to put a smile to every face, bringing the brand even closer to Quebec consumers to foster a deeper connection and more engagement.


This is also a great way for Barbies to put a younger spin on its brand, stand out from the competition, communicate a distinctive BBQ positioning and reaffirm its unique Quebec identity as part of the brand’s DNA.


“Barbies has been enjoying a great love story with Quebecers since 1992 – yet, at the same time, it’s been too much of a well-kept secret,” explains Linda Pimparé, Vice President, Marketing, at Barbies. “Quebecor’s media platforms will allow us to effectively communicate our new positioning and support our network’s sustained growth.”


Quebecor Credits                                                                             

Daniel Laforest, Head of Commercial Production                  

Hugues Choquette, Director, Innovation & Content Strategy

Marie-Ève Blouin, Producer                                             

Evan Boudreau-Soucy, Director                                     

Ève Beauregard, Project Manager                                 


Barbies Credits 

Linda Pimparé, Vice President, Marketing

Annie Martineau
Media Agent
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