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À haute voix podcast
Jul 02, 2019

À haute voix

A New Original Podcast from QUB radio, with Denise Bombardier

Well-known Quebec writer, journalist and host Denise Bombardier takes on the podcast format in a 9-part series premiering today on QUB radio. À haute voix reflects on modern-day Quebec society by exploring the themes of religion, feminism, men, nationalism, culture and the French language.

“Leveraging my experience, as well as my obsession with the past and the importance of remembering it, I hope to explain the present and try to shed light on the future,” says Denise Bombardier. “The podcast is a powerful tool for this kind of project, because it’s the most flexible and accessible format to reach the widest audience.”

The series À haute voix is co-hosted by Vincent Dessureault, who also co-hosts Le retour de Mario Dumont on QUB radio. Available on the QUB radio app and at the website www.qub.radio, the podcast can also be found on iTunes, Spotify, TunedIn, Google Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher and other similar platforms.

Discover the podcast here.



Hosts: Denise Bombardier & Vincent Dessureault

Director & Editor: Anne-Sophie Carpentier

Production: QUB radio

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Media Agent

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