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Emmanuelle présente...a new podcast on QUB radio
Jul 02, 2019

Emmanuelle présente…

In-Depth Interviews with Political Personalities

We criticize them. We judge them. We dissect everything they do and say. But who exactly are the men and women we elect to power? Leaving partisan politics behind and going beyond the headlines, Emmanuelle Latraverse chats with them in a series of podcasts premiering today on QUB radio, called Emmanuelle présente.

Episode 1 – Valérie Plante: She represents a new generation of women in politics, but behind her “Wonder Woman” façade, what drives the Mayor of Montreal?

Episode 2 – Maxime Bernier: Is the head of the People’s Party of Canada still bitter about his defeat in the Conservative Party leadership race, or is he an idealist chasing his dream? 

Episode 3 – Geneviève Guilbeault: Is Quebec’s Deputy Premier the perfect woman, or just a disciplined politician with years of experience in communications? 

Episode 4 – Catherine Dorion: Advocate, artist, world traveller, writer – will the young Québec Solidaire MNA be able to reconcile her ideals with the reality of political compromise? 

Available on Mondays, ten or so additional episodes will be broadcast throughout the year.

You can listen to Emmanuelle présente on the QUB radio app and online at, as well as on several other podcast platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, TunedIn, Google Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher, and more.

Discover the first episode here.



Host: Emmanuelle Latraverse

Director: Bastien Gagnon-Lafrance

Editor: Anne-Sophie Carpentier

Production: QUB radio
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