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Foodlavie and Metro’s Online Grocery Shopping Service Join Forces to Make Life Easier for Quebec Families
Jul 02, 2019

Foodlavie, Quebecor’s digital platform for foodies, is delighted to partner with Metro’s online grocery service  to launch a brand-new feature on its website. When consulting any of the 5,500 recipes available on foodlavie, consumers will also be able to purchase ingredients and have them delivered to their home, thanks to Metro. Each recipe now includes an easily identifiable icon, which opens up to a window where ingredients can be selected. The transaction is then completed on the Metro website, where users can also add any other grocery items they may need.


From Our Recipes to Your Plate

With over two million page-views per month, the culinary platform foodlavie is recognized for its expertise and high-quality content. The new feature traces a direct line between recipe, consumer and grocer – a first in Quebec, where online grocery delivery services are experiencing strong growth.


To promote the new feature, Metro’s online grocery shopping service is offering free delivery from May 23 to June 12, as well as $35 in free products for all new online grocery shoppers who enter the promo code foodlavie.

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