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The Assassination of Gerald Bull: The Scientist Who Knew Too Much
Jul 02, 2019

A collaboration between TABLOÏD & QUB radio

Quebecor digital platforms TABLOÏD and QUB radio are proud to each present a project dealing with Quebec scientist Gerald Bull, the ballistics expert assassinated in 1990. Bull’s true story seems like a plot from a thrilling spy movie, with an unsolved murder that remains as intriguing today as it was 30 years ago.


Directed by content producer Jules Falardeau and airing on TABLOÏD, the video report Le labo du Dr Bull features an in-depth interview with one of Mr. Bull’s sons, taped in the abandoned offices of the Space Research Corporation in the small Eastern Townships town of Highwater, near the US border. Meanwhile, on QUB radio, Normand Lester will focus on the Gerald Bull case in the first five episodes of his podcast Normand Lester raconte, saison 2. It’s a topic that Lester knows well, as the author of L'affaire Gerald Bull: Les canons de l'apocalypse, published a year after Mr. Bull’s death by Éditions du Méridien. Episode 1 of the podcast is now online, with new episodes about Russian espionage in Canada appearing every Wednesday.


The Man Who Invented Superguns

McGill University professor Gerald Bull created his own research firm, the Space Research Corporation, which had up to 100 people on staff in the 1970s in Highwater. Dr. Bull was a ballistics expert who invented giant canons, called superguns, which he wanted to use to put satellites into orbit. Through his collaborations with the United States, he obtained dual Canadian/American citizenship and started working for the Pentagon, where he eventually developed – for Saddam Hussein – the largest artillery piece ever made.


In 1980, after being found guilty of violating a US arms embargo against South Africa’s apartheid regime, Gerald Bull spent 6 months in jail. Forced to shut down the Quebec offices of the SRC, he later moved to Belgium. On March 22, 1990, at the door of his Brussels apartment, he was shot twice in the head and three times in the back. The killer or killers were never identified, with theories ranging from the Israeli Mossad, Iranian agents, the CIA and British Secret Service. According to his son Robert, Gerald Bull simply knew too much. But what, exactly?


QUB radio Podcast Credits

Host: Normand Lester

Director: Bastien Gagnon-Lafrance

Editor: Philippe Séguin

Production: QUB radio



Content Producer: Jules Falardeau

Director & Editor: Manu Chataigner & Jules Falardeau

Video: Manu Chataigner


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