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Jean-Charles Lajoie
Jul 02, 2019

Jean-Charles Lajoie Returns to TVA Sports January 14

“JiC” Goes Live Every Weekday from 5-7 p.m.


Starting Monday, January 14 on TVA Sports, Jean-Charles Lajoie reunites with sports and entertainment fans every weekday from 5 to 7 p.m., in an all-new show tailored to his personality, called “JiC”.

With an impressive roster of contributors to be announced in early January, Jean-Charles Lajoie will share his own unique take on every facet of sports, in a new and unconventional TV format where comedy and arts combine with documented opinions and animated debates, in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Airing live every weekday, the show will stand out with a unique look and feel inspired by Jean-Charles himself: something out of the ordinary, that literally immerses viewers and guests at the core of each topic.

“Ever since I started my career in media, I’ve been driven by the exceptional connexion I’ve developed with a deeply committed audience that never fails to respond to what I do,” explains Jean-Charles Lajoie. “Starting January 14, I want to work with my dream team to bring this extraordinary relationship to the next level on TV, where we’ll get to discuss, explain and understand the world of sports in a humorous way. When you think about it, sport is an essential tonic in our society, and it can only do you good.”

Éric Belley and Yves Aucoin on Team JiC

The show will be produced by Éric Belley, an industry pro who made his mark on several award ceremonies and variety shows.

Another passionate professional is also on board: renowned set designer Yves Aucoin, whose talents have been on display in Las Vegas shows by Céline Dion and Cirque du Soleil. Computer animation for “JiC” will be produced by the team at MELS.             

“Sports fans will be pleased to reconnect with Jean-Charles Lajoie’s inimitable style, while discovering new elements designed to update our offering in this ‘happy-hour’ timeslot”, notes Éric Belley. “The show will transpose the intimate, entertaining atmosphere that Jean-Charles is known for, adapting it to its treatment of TV sports news. Jean-Charles will continue to break the mould, in terms of the topics he covers, the angles he takes, and his surrounding environment.”

Watch “JiC” on Your Phone

In addition to airing on TV, “JiC” will also be available to people on the move. Late-afternoon commuters will be able to watch the show on their mobile phones via the TVA Sports app.

You can also follow Jean-Charles Lajoie on Facebook (@JiCTVASports), Instagram (@JiC_TVASports) and Twitter (@JiC_TVASports).


You’ve been hearing him on the radio for the past few years.

Now, see him on TVA Sports, starting January 14, 2019.

Annie Martineau
Media Agent

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