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La Voix - Look Who's Back
Jul 02, 2019


Montreal, February 6, 2019 New sets, new drama, new direction – get ready for lots of surprises on the all-new season of La Voix! A wind of change is blowing in the studio as TV’s most popular show gears up for its big comeback on TVA, starting Sunday, February 10. One thing that hasn’t changed is the amazing chemistry among our coaches, who are all set to reunite during the season premiere. After a year away from the show, Marc Dupré returns alongside Lara Fabian, Éric Lapointe and Alex Nevsky – all of them as eager and excited as they were on Day 1! Their witty banter, good-humoured rivalry and instinctive reactions are the perfect ingredients for an extremely captivating round of blind auditions. There’s a genuine family spirit in the air, as everyone shares the joy of being back together again.

Of course, the show wouldn’t be the same without the incredible singers from across Quebec and beyond, who sign up for a chance to make their dreams come true. Their extraordinary talent is sure to produce some truly magical moments, as host Charles Lafortune and our coaches look on in wonder. With a spontaneity we’ve grown to love and an unwavering commitment to each contestant’s artistic evolution, our team will go all out to keep their protégés learning and growing, so they can keep impressing us with their talent.

For the first time, viewers will get to see the contestants on screen before they even set foot on stage. Their voices will ring out in harmony during the coaches’ song, which will also feature previous season winners Yama, Stéphanie St-Jean, Ludovick Bourgeois, Kevin Bazinet, Yoan and Valérie Carpentier. This opening number promises to be totally electrifying, setting the tone for the upcoming season.

From the opening seconds, the show’s loyal fans will notice a new, modern and urban set design combining elements of wood, metal and neon, in a bigger and even more impressive studio. But what will undoubtedly get people talking is the new “Blocked” button – the major new element in this edition. From now on, Marc, Lara, Éric and Alex will have the option of blocking their rivals from recruiting a contestant in their team. By hitting this button, the word “Blocked” will immediately appear on the floor in big red letters in front of the targeted rival. Designed to add a bit of spice to the blind auditions, this option will only be available once to each coach.    



Every Wednesday at 7:30 p.m., Anouk Meunier hosts La Voix EXTRA, your backstage look at everything that’s going on before, during and after the tapings. This year, Anouk will have carte blanche to share all the behind-the-scenes drama from this major production. If you think you’ve seen it all, think again! La Voix EXTRA is much more than a simple wrap-up of the Sunday episodes – it now provides viewers with an all-access pass to every nook and cranny of the studio.

In each episode, Anouk will focus on a different aspect of the competition, including some hidden facets of host Charles Lafortune’s work, a revealing look at the coaches, the backstage magic of the technical crew, and – of course – in-depth reporting on the contestants’ journeys, from their early-morning arrival to their on-stage entrance. We’ll also get to share our casting agents’ favourite pre-audition moments.



After several seasons, you might assume that the show has no more secrets to reveal. A new podcast is about to prove that assumption wrong, taking us on a weekly backstage tour of the show, with a look at the artists, crew and entire team that creates the magic on La Voix. “La Voix à l’aveugle” will make you want to put on your earphones and discover new aspects of the show – anywhere, anytime. A new episode will be available online each week at, starting Sunday, February 10.

“TVA is always very excited to start a new season of ‘La voix’. We’re extremely proud to give so many talented artists an opportunity to step into the spotlight and live their dream. This show is the greatest musical gathering, a roller-coaster of emotions where contestants get to stretch their limits and share the ride with our audience.”

Suzane Landry, Senior Director, Stations & Programming, TVA Group


“Year after year, this amazing format serves as an incredible springboard for Quebec’s best singers. It’s quality entertainment that continues to deliver the goods by revealing remarkable artists. We’re extremely proud to be a part of this 7th season, masterfully helmed by Jean-François Blais, and backed by a solid production team led by Benoît Clermont at Productions Déferlantes. Our coaches – Alex, Éric, Lara and Marc – will once again demonstrate their close connection, along with a passion to push the artists even further along. Long live ‘La Voix’!”

Ginette Viens, Vice-president, Brands & Content, Quebecor Content


“I’ve had the opportunity to work with an experienced team and committed coaches, along with Charles Lafortune – a spontaneous host who brings people together and is full of great ideas. I’ve also had some unforgettable encounters with contestants, whom I’m sure the audience will quickly fall in love with, just like I did. We all worked together to take on this challenge and give our very best. The relationship between Marc, Lara, Éric and Alex is fantastic, and their reactions perfectly reflect what we’re all in for this season: pure, authentic fun!”

Jean-François BlaisDirector & Executive Producer



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