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Quebecor launches HUBLO, a new platform to host and push promotional content
Feb 13, 2020

Quebecor is responding to growing demand for content marketing from advertisers by launching Hublo, a new platform for hosting and disseminating promotional content.


Whether telling custom stories, informing Quebecers about products and services, broadcasting promotional videos, raising brand awareness and engagement, or simply generating interest, Hublo reaches prime audiences, maximizes reach and views, supports audience segmentation and enhances SEO, all within a relevant, credible environment.


Clients will be able to access Hublo starting February 17. It will be hosted on a new section of the Journal de Montréal website and its content will be given heightened visibility through native tiles that could be embedded simultaneously on the homepages of multiple Quebecor sites and social media exposure on Facebook. Hublo will be rolled out in phases and will evolve over time as new options for presenting promotional content of all types from advertisers are gradually added.


“Today, brands are going digital while looking for a safe advertising environment,” says Patrick Jutras, Senior Vice President and Chief Advertising Officer of Quebecor and TVA Group. “Our goal in launching Hublo is to put our engaging digital ecosystem to work for our partners and bring our promotional content marketing offerings together in one place to help our advertisers tell their stories and promote their content to our audiences. Hublo leverages our reach to give promotional content visibility in an environment that touches 94% of Quebecers.”  


The content may be produced by the advertiser or by Quebecor’s teams of commercial content experts. It can take various forms – text, video, rich content (custom templates) – depending on the chosen platforms. For example, special reports related to the advertiser’s brand values could be produced.


For more information on Quebecor’s new platform for hosting and showcasing promotional content, visit 



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