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LCN in Florida for Spring Break
Feb 17, 2020

LCN will join hundreds of thousands of Quebecers in Florida for spring break, March 1 to 4. Jean-François Guérin, Brigitte Bédard, Pierre-Olivier Zappa and reporter Gabrielle Rondy will meet up with French-Canadian expats to explore this transformed US state. 


Every day, our 4 reporters will travel across the south-eastern coast of the Florida peninsula, from Pompano to Miami – an area whose economy has been growing much faster than the US average for the past several years.


Jean-François Guérin, Brigitte Bédard, Pierre-Olivier Zappa and Gabrielle Rondy will share their stories with LCN viewers throughout the station’s regular programming – from Québec matin to TVA 22 heures – as well as on and social media.


They’ll take a look at daily life for Quebecers who have made Florida their home, and reveal hidden tourist treasures and new neighbourhoods that are emblematic of the revamped state. They’ll also examine this flourishing economy, most notably through the eyes of Quebec businesspeople who have moved there in the past few years looking for opportunity and prosperity.


Tag along with LCN and experience today’s Florida during spring break, as we meet Quebecers who are part of the action.

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