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"Mont Tétons : un guide de survie" Coming to MOI ET CIE this Fall
Jul 02, 2019

A film by Anick Lemay


This fall, MOI ET CIE keeps focusing on the true stories that have made its reputation. Case in point: the new hour-long documentary MONT TÉTONS : un guide de survie, produced by Blimp télé in collaboration with Quebecor Content, and directed by Anick Lemay. The film tells the stories of five women fighting breast cancer.


An Essential Survival Guide

MONT TÉTONS : un guide de survie features five distinct stories, all at different stages, yet all remarkably similar. Anick Lemay shares these women’s journeys through the five phases of a new reality they haven’t chosen, i.e. diagnosis, pre-op testing, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and breast reconstruction. The subject is handled with humour and sensitivity.


“It was imperative for us to explore this great upheaval in women’s lives – something that Anick Lemay herself has been through,” explains Ginette Viens, Vice President, Brands & Content, Quebecor Content. “It’s an honour for us to share her story, and those of other women dealing with this terrible disease.”


“After having touched Quebecers’ hearts with her own powerful experience, Anick Lemay is now ready to inspire MOI ET CIE viewers with this moving documentary, in which the theme of resilience is tackled with honesty and humour,” adds Suzane Landry, Senior Director, Stations & Programming. 


A Documentary Directed by a Touching and Genuine Personality

Everyone remembers how Anick Lemay moved Quebecers last year by sharing her candid feelings on her road to breast cancer recovery.


Anick Lemay adds: “Five women of different ages, with different diagnoses, who all meet at the end of the film. I call them Iron Women, and it was a privilege for me to share their journey to their ultimate goal: living healthy and proudly, with breasts that reflect the challenges they’ve overcome. I love them already!”


MONT TÉTONS : un guide de survie is an essential documentary film that strikes a chord with its unique storytelling approach. Look for it this fall on MOI ET CIE.



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