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Jul 02, 2019

A Fascinating New Documentary/Reality Series Coming to MOI ET CIE

Step into the world of 911 dispatchers – the true first responders in an emergency. 

MOI ET CIE viewers can’t get enough of shows about emergencies and first responders. Building on its success in that niche, the station is pleased to announce the production of a new documentary/reality series that delves into the intense environment of Quebec’s 911 dispatchers, titled Première ligne : chaque seconde compte, produced by Hyperzoom in collaboration with Quebecor Content.


Calls for help, panic situations, distress, accidents, fires… viewers will get to witness all these human dramas, along with more instances where people’s lives are tuned upside down.


Première ligne : chaque seconde compte shows us these emergency situations as a way to help us understand the broad scope of interventions. From 911 call-centre personnel to on-the-scene responders, everyone is under pressure as they deal with bewildering, frightening and troubling events. Each episode features highly volatile scenes where we can feel the high level of stress and the full range of emotions that these first-line workers encounter.


Workers Under Pressure

Dispatchers must orchestrate emergency responses by performing three critical tasks at once, i.e.  collecting information (often in total confusion), sharing as many details as possible with emergency services, and assisting callers until help arrives. These people must all learn to keep calm and react with speed, accuracy and precision, as even the slightest detail can affect the entire chain of intervention.


Unfolding in 15 half-hour episodes, the series shines a light on unsung call-centre heroes, as we watch and hear them answer numerous distress calls as if we were in the same room with them.


Première ligne : chaque seconde compte is a first in Quebec, providing viewers with unprecedented access to all kinds of emergency situations, from the very first second a call is made until the matter is fully resolved on site. Coming soon to MOI ET CIE!


Click here to see the trailer.



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