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Jul 02, 2019



This spring, viewers will be drawn to the new TV offerings on MOI ET CIE, with true stories that will introduce them to fascinating people and places. To celebrate the return of the warmer weather, the station is pleased to offer its subscribers six new shows – including two stirring original Quebec productions – and new seasons of returning favourites.


From one season to the next, MOI ET CIE stands out and captivates viewers with stories that run the emotional gamut, as evidenced by the extraordinary performance of the series Où es-tu, hosted by Marie-Claude Barrette, which set a new ratings record on the station with an average of 128,000¹ viewers. In fact, the station as a whole grew its audience by 44%² compared to the same period last year.


Other winter standouts included Les croque-morts, Dave Morissette - arrêter le temps, Infractions, L’affaire Caylee Anthony, La vie à 600 lb : où en sont-ils? Face à la rue – que sont-ils devenus?, Pot inc., Liens rompus and Ambulance.


“Building on its strong subscriber growth, MOI ET CIE continues to offer programming that focuses on the docu-reality genre, i.e. true, touching and sometimes troubling stories that shed light on little-known realities,” declares Suzane Landry, Senior Director, Stations & Programming, TVA Group. “These real-life narratives engage audiences by making us all realize that no one is immune to life’s challenges.”


This spring, get ready for new and enriching human experiences. Here are a few examples:


Fin de mois

Premieres Tuesday, April 30 at 9 p.m.


Beloved and inspiring host Jean-Marie Lapointe returns in this docu-reality series unfolding in 10 half-hour episodes. After the huge success of Face à la rue, Jean-Marie now takes us deep inside the world of modern-day poverty. To better understand its multiple facets and broad scope, the host will spend one month following 10 families who live under the poverty line. As a reference, the charity organization Centraide Montréal says that 40% of people living in poverty in Greater Montreal actually have jobs, and the website Canada Without Poverty says that 1 out of 8 Canadian households has a hard time putting food on the table. This series is directed by Frédéric Gieling and produced by Trinome & filles, in collaboration with Quebecor Content.


Urgence santé mentale

Premieres Tuesday, April 30 at 9:30 p.m.


This series of 10 half-hour episodes tries to demystify mental health. Creator and director Mathieu Arsenault – who suffers from bipolar affective disorder – uses the docu-reality genre to immerse us in various emergency interventions with people who are in crisis or losing touch with reality. We’ll follow teams of nurses and a broad range of social workers from Notre-Dame Hospital’s psychiatric emergency unit, as they try to appease patients with mental health problems and guide them towards appropriate resources. The show is produced by Zone3, in collaboration with Quebecor Content.


Dans le feu de l’action

Premieres Thursday, May 2 at 10 p.m.


This captivating documentary series looks at daily life in a navy firefighting unit in Marseille. In 17 fire stations, 2,500 men and women watch over France’s second-largest city and its coastline. Their battalion is Europe’s largest and among its most effective, thanks to the unwavering dedication of its brave navy firefighters.


Ma vie avec un tueur

Premieres Wednesday, May 1 at 8 p.m.


Killers are often not who we think they are. Sometimes, they’re loving husbands and fathers, or retired police officers and soldiers. Regardless of their profiles, these murderers go beyond killing their victims: they also profoundly hurt their loved ones, forcing them to face a horrible truth that leaves them physically and emotionally scarred, as well as ruined and completely ostracized. This poignant Canadian true-crime series is produced by Breakthrough Media, in collaboration with Quebecor Content.


Hiver cruel

Premieres Wednesday, May 1 at 9 p.m.


Unfolding in four hour-long episodes, this compelling documentary series tells the true story of four suburban Detroit children who were kidnapped and murdered in 1976. After igniting a wave of fear and the biggest manhunt in US history, these crimes remain unsolved to this day. The series is narrated by a Detroit native who was himself the victim of an attempted kidnapping at the age of 7, which makes this docu-reality series all the more compelling and unsettling. This Canadian production comes to us from Cinéflix, in collaboration with Quebecor Content.


La guerre cachée

Premiered April 17 at 10 p.m.


Adapted from Lawrence Wright’s Pulitzer-prize winning bestseller “The Looming Tower”, this series tells the story of John O'Neill, former head of New York’s FBI antiterrorism unit. In the late 90s, the growing rivalry between the FBI and the CIA provided fertile ground for the unsuspected growth of the Al-Qaïda terrorist organization, possibly involuntarily paving the way for the 9/11 tragedy and Osama Bin Laden’s rise to power.



¹Source: Numeris, French QC, cumulative T2+ audience, confirmed data from Jan. 7 to Feb. 24, 2019

²Source: Numeris, French QC, A25-54, Jan. 7 to March 17, 2019

³Source: Centraide 2017




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