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Jul 02, 2019

Coming to MOI ET CIE in Winter 2020


MOI ET CIE is pleased to welcome Patrice Godin to its airwaves this winter, as host of the all-new documentary/reality series Survivalistes. Unfolding in 10 half-hour episodes produced by Trio Orange in collaboration with Quebecor Content, the show looks at men and women who go to extremes to make sure they can hold out as long as possible if disaster strikes.


Preparing for the Worst

Survivalists are people who fear that our world is crumbling around them, and their ultimate goal is to be able to tough it out without the benefits of modern technology. The idea is to adopt a lifestyle that’s closer to nature, based on ecological and sustainable-development principals, in order to produce enough food and energy to survive on their own.


The increasing worldwide instances of hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and heatwaves are causing enormous damage and reminding us how vulnerable we are to the forces of nature. But are we really equipped to face the worst, as many scientists keep ringing the alarm about the state of our planet? The inquisitive and adventurous Patrice Godin seeks out the survivalists who claim to be ready for anything, in order to learn all about their lifestyle and preparations.


What Can We Learn from Them?

What motivated them to start this journey? What impact does it have on their daily lives? What do they do for a living? How much time and money are they investing in this? And what do their friends and family think about all this? Survivalistes sheds light on these people and their practices, and profiles different types of survivalists. In addition, viewers will get to learn more about emergency situations as our host puts himself through a series of tests, from evacuation exercises to self-defence classes to spending a night in the woods with no tools or equipment.


“As part of its quest to relate captivating true stories, MOI ET CIE once again strays off the beaten path with Survivalistes – a series that gives viewers an opportunity to learn more about a little-known lifestyle,” explains Suzane Landry, Senior Manager, Stations & Programming, TVA Group.


This winter, Patrice Godin invites you to discover unsuspected realities on Survivalistes, a new documentary series airing on MOI ET CIE!



MOI ET CIE is a TVA Group specialty channel that invites viewers – both male and female – to share true stories by accompanying fascinating and engaging people in their unique worlds. The station immerses audiences in remarkable, intriguing and always unforgettable documentary/reality shows, series and movies.


About Quebecor Content

Quebecor Content, a wholly owned business unit of Quebecor Media Inc., creates, develops, acquires, distributes and exports distinctive, high-quality audio-visual content, providing consumers with a multi-platform experience via Videotron and TVA Group services and promoting Quebec artists at home and abroad.


About Trio Orange

As a Canadian leader in TV and digital production, Trio Orange offers innovative content in several niches, including youth programming, documentary, fiction and magazines. Through creative partnerships across Canada and around the world, Trio Orange produces over 20 series a year, sold in over 30 countries.

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