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Groupe Nissan Gabriel: Main Media Partner of QUB radio
Jul 02, 2019


QUB radio, Quebecor’s digital radio platform, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Groupe Nissan Gabriel, whereby the major car dealership becomes main media partner. Based on a multiplatform strategy, the brand’s deployment integrates in multiple ways, allowing it to reach the desired target audience. In addition to sponsorship and advertising, Groupe Nissan Gabriel will benefit from in-show mentions during Dutrizac de 6 à 9 and at the opening of certain podcasts, as well as logo integrations across the QUB radio ecosystem (website, mobile app, social networks).


The partnership will also be visible during QUB radio events in the form of a promotional vehicle, i.e. a 2019 Nissan Rogue, and as part of the branding in the broadcast studio.


We are delighted to become the main media partner for QUB radio,” says Joe Aouad, Vice President, Groupe Nissan Gabriel. This allows us to stay top-of-mind with consumers and position our brand as the Nissan leader in Greater Montreal, as well as an exceptional media partner for Quebecor.



We’re very pleased to have Nissan Gabriel on board with QUB radio,” adds Jean-Nicolas Gagné, General Manager, QUB radio. “This partnership opens the door for extended and daring integrations across all audio products offered by QUB radio, from live programming to streaming to podcasts. Digital formats generate much more precise data than traditional radio, allowing us to deliver targeted, niche and engaging advertising offerings for the benefit of our partners.” 




Vice President: Joe Aouad

General Manager, Communications: Habib Jean Tannous



Account Manager, Client Solutions: Laurence Brodeur

Digital Expertise Strategist, Monetization & Marketing: Alexandra Papineau

Director, Commercial Production: Lucie Gauthier

Producers: Daniel Laforest & Audrey Desmeules

Production Project Manager: Camille Clément



General Manager: Jean-Nicolas Gagné

Director, Operations & Production: Dominic Plamondon

Marketing Director: Marc-André Laporte

Annie Martineau
Media Agent
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