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Synthèses: le cas Louise Chaput Comes to QUB radio
Nov 05, 2019

On November 15, 2001, Sherbrooke resident Louise Chaput was crossing the Canada-US border on her own for a hiking trip to Mount Washington. A week later, the body of this 52-year-old psychologist was found buried under a pile of branches on the side of a wooded trail. This mysterious death had devastating effects on the victim’s friends and family. Now, 18 years after this tragic event, the Synthèses team looks back at the New Hampshire State Police investigation and tries to explain how a murder committed in broad daylight on a touristy hiking trail in the US could remain unsolved. 


QUB radio and Transistor Média are pleased to present a brand-new chapter in the investigative podcast  Synthèses, with a 5-episode examination of the Louise Chaput case. Directed by Julien Morissette, the series drops today on QUB radio and all podcast platforms.


“True-crime podcasts have enjoyed tremendous success in the past few years,” explains Étienne Roy, Director, Digital Platforms & Content, at QUB radio. “In this genre, we’re proud to offer Synthèses, a high-quality French-language series whose first season – dealing with the Valérie Leblanc case – was nominated for a Numix Award and took home a Canadian Podcast Award. We’re convinced that this second chapter will also get a very positively reception.”


The Genesis
While producing on Season 1 of Synthèses, director Julien Morissette met coroner Marie Pinault, who worked on the Valérie Leblanc case. Dr. Pinault told him that her best friend’s 2001 Mount Washington murder had motivated her to become a coroner. Little did she know that the very first homicide case assigned to her would share odd similarities with Louise Chaput’s death 10 years prior. 


About QUB radio
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About Transistor Média 
Transistor Média is a Gatineau-based production company entirely dedicated to podcasts. Working with several broadcasters – including QUB radio, ICI Radio-Canada Première and Télé-Québec – Transistor Média delivers documentary series dealing with public affairs, culture and the arts. Since 2017, the team has also been behind Festival Transistor, an event presented in Hull’s Old Town to showcase digital radio in Quebec. 

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