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Aliments du Québec Deploying Major Engagement Campaign and Contest on Quebecor Platforms
Jul 02, 2019

Aliments du Québec has chosen Quebecor as its media partner to deploy a campaign called Aliments du Québec vole la vedette. The goal is to move beyond generic visibility and encourage Quebecers to consume more local products, which can be identified through certified Aliments du Québec branding.


A Call to Action

Now that consumers recognize the importance of purchasing local products, Aliments du Québec wants them to take action. “Our objective is to encourage them to show their love for Quebec products, as well as to raise awareness for our Aliments du Québec and Aliments préparés au Québec certifications,” explains Marketing-Communication Coordinator Pauline Faivre.


Launched in March, the first phase of the campaign was based on a simple invitation to consumers, i.e. putting certified Aliments du Québec products in their grocery carts for a chance to win a VIP red-carpet experience (including hair, make-up, stylist, hotel and transportation) for the Artis Awards gala.


Phase 2 focused on the gala itself, while still highlighting certified Aliments du Québec products. During the live TV broadcast, animated 15-second billboards appeared on screen with envelopes opening up to reveal different local products – a way to position these products as the stars of the show.


A Natural Fit

The common thread throughout this campaign was the public’s attachment to all things local, from home-grown products and businesses to the home-grown celebrities we cherish. For over 30 years, the Artis Awards have been celebrating productions and artists who are part of our daily lives and contribute to the excellence of our local TV industry. The gala also offers an exceptional opportunity for viewers to demonstrate their affection for their favourite stars. For Aliments du Québec, being part of this environment was a way to add an element of glamour to its brand.


Aliments du Québec mandated us to come up with creative solutions as part of a multiplatform partnership,” adds Katia Villeneuve, General Manager, Customer Solutions, Quebecor Advertising Network. “So we chose to showcase local products in a range of environments, including TV, print, digital, content marketing and in-store strategies. Leveraging our strength and our platforms, we produced a comprehensive campaign in which we integrated powerful brands such as Salut Bonjour and the Artis Awards, providing consumers with a unique and exclusive experience that money can’t buy.”


To see the TV ads, click here, here, here, here and here.


To hear the radio ad, click here.


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Pauline Faivre, Marketing-Communication Coordinator



Strategy: Martine Therrien, Gabrielle Davant

Media Planning: Martine Therrien, Véronique Gendron

Art Direction: Hugues Choquette

Production: Julie Beaudoin


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Media Agent
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