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Make Way for a Revamped TABLOÏD
Oct 03, 2019

The new-generation media platform TABLOÏD is launching its new website, with a team covering every region in Quebec. The young media outlet will focus on three major types of video reports, i.e. incursions, investigations and profiles, exploring the different realities of young people from across the province.

For Jean-Nicolas Gagné, Senior Manager, Information Content at NumériQ, this dynamic new incarnation of TABLOÏD will provide a unique source of information for a new generation. “It’s media by young people, for young people, covering news in its own accessible, vibrant and impactful style,” he says.

TABLOÏD is also unveiling a brand-new live chat feature, allowing the platform to stay in constant contact with its audience. “Our generation loves to join the conversation,” explains Charles D’Amboise, Head of Content at TABLOÏD. “This dialogue box lets our followers reach out to our team directly and engage in private conversations where they can react, denounce, collaborate, and give us their point of view.”


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