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Prestigious Names for the Next Edition of La Voix
Sep 04, 2019

TVA, Quebecor Content and Productions Déferlantes are delighted to announce the names of the coaches who will be sitting in the famous red chairs next winter on La Voix: Cœur de pirate, Garou, Marc Dupré and Éric Lapointe. With the arrival of an accomplished artist and the return of three popular favourites, audiences can expect another outstanding season.

With her singular voice and impressive career journey, Cœur de pirate brings an all-new, unique dimension to La Voix. The brilliant singer/songwriter has sold over a million albums and counting, in addition to being honoured with several Felix Awards in Quebec and a Victoire Award in France. Not yet 30, Cœur de pirate is enjoying great success both in North America and across Europe. She’s excited to join La Voix in order to share her passion and expertise with this season’s contestants.

Cœur de pirate will be in excellent company, alongside three exceptional veterans. After a brief 1-year absence, international sensation Garou returns to the show’s iconic stage. He’ll be joined by chart king Marc Dupré and Quebec living legend Éric Lapointe. This new foursome is sure to share a great rapport, as they generate lots of drama and excitement as part of their rivalry to find Quebec’s new voice.

“Diversity has always been a key factor in the show’s success, and that applies to the coaches as well,” explains Ginette Viens, Vice President, Brands & Content, Quebecor Content. “Cœur de pirate, Garou, Marc Dupré and Éric Lapointe each have the voice, the style and the experience that speak to contestants from all backgrounds, as well as to a vast audience. We can’t wait to see them at work this winter!” 

“I’m thrilled that Cœur de pirate has accepted our invitation,” adds Jean-François Blais, Associate Producer and Director of La Voix. “She’s a local artist whose voice resonates throughout the French-speaking world. As a rookie on the show, her youth and vitality are sure to create a wonderful dynamic with Garou, Marc and Éric. With these four prestigious names, the next season of La Voix will definitely be all about fun and teamwork.” 

La Voix: Quebec’s #1 show returns to TVA in winter 2020. 

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