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Les moments parfaits: New Series Premiering Next Winter on TVA
Mar 04, 2020

An invitation to delve into a deeply human series, with emotion at the core of every storyline


For winter 2021, TVA invites you to get to know the members of the large, highly-engaging Peters family in the annual series Les moments parfaits, unfolding in 24 hour-long episodes produced by Encore Télévision, in collaboration with Quebecor Content. 


As the weeks go by, viewers will follow the story and destiny of a tight-knit family spanning three generations. After an expected event rocks their world, each member of the clan must ponder whether their lives are what they should be, and how to infuse their day-to-day with more “perfect moments”. 


The Peters family open its doors to you

Les moments parfaits is a family saga revolving around the ups and downs of Catherine, Louis, Philippe, and their parents, Georges and Judith. Not far behind, a new generation is on the rise: Catherine’s children Hugo, Charlotte and Tristan. The series opens as the Peters are getting ready to welcome Hugo back from a long voyage at sea – an adventure marred by a dramatic incident for which Hugo bears the guilt. As the reunion celebration is about to get underway, the entire family must suddenly rush to the hospital, where one of their own is in critical condition.


This new show will be driven by a cast of highly talented and sensitive actors, which will be announced shortly.


“In winter 2021, Les moments parfaits will complete the revamped annual series offering on TVA,” explains Denis Dubois, Vice-president, Original Content, Quebecor Content. “This production will surely be quite thought-provoking for viewers, as it reflects situations that we all go through in our lives. It’s a highly emotional series that’s sure to touch viewers’ hearts.”


“Everyone at Encore Télévision is extremely proud to deliver this new annual series to TVA audiences,” adds François Rozon, President, Encore Télévision. “The characters are so real and touching that they feel near and dear to us, just like our loved ones.”


Inspired writing and directing

Marc Robitaille (Un été sans point ni coup sûr) wrote this profoundly human and briskly-paced series. This unique writer has succeeded in creating kind-hearted, true-to-life characters, whose stories will keep viewers glued to their seats week after week. The show is directed by François Bégin (L’Échappée, LOL, Tranches de vie).


“We all know that family is family – which comes with a responsibility to take care of each other,” says writer Marc Robitaille. “That means giving advice, consoling each other, and sometimes – miraculously – actually helping each other. The rest of the time, we just mess everything up – but always with the best intentions of trying to create perfect moments.”


Les moments parfaits: discover it next winter on TVA!


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