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Jul 02, 2019



Week after week, TVA and the TVA Group specialty channels retain their considerable lead over their competitors in Quebec – as confirmed once more by the latest Numeris survey. Here are the results covering the period of January 7 to April 21, 2019.


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TVA Group remains the foremost media group in Quebecers’ hearts, with market share that keeps on growing – this time reaching an extraordinary new all-time high of 38.8. Undeniably, viewers are appreciating the quality, innovative spirit and daring that all our stations are known for. This explains why nearly 6.5 million of them are tuning in every week.


TVA: #1 in Quebec

Morning, noon and night, 7 days a week, TVA demonstrates its leadership with a stable average viewership of 24.5%, while both SRC (14.6%) and V (5.1%) have seen their numbers drop compared to the same period last year. This once again attests to the excellent across-the-board performance of our programming.


TVA: 7 Out of 10 Million-Viewer Shows

At the start of the year, large numbers of viewers were more than happy to reunite with several of our flagship shows, including the unbeatable variety series La Voix, which is now spending its 7th consecutive season at the top of the ratings charts – making it Quebec’s uncontested, unifying TV phenomenon.


La Voix (TVA)                                       1,943,000                        52%

District 31 (SRC)                                  1,652,000                        47%

Célébration 2019 (TVA)                      1,459,000                        48%

Unité 9 (SRC)                                        1,418,000                        34%

L’Échappée (TVA)                                1,232,000                        33%

Les pays d’en haut (SRC)                    1,172,000                       35%

O’ (TVA)                                                  1,145,000                        28%

*Ça commence bien l’année (TVA) 1,068,000                        34%

L’heure bleue (TVA)                            1,061,000                        27%

La vraie nature (TVA)                          1,047,000                        35%



Productions with Just Under 1 Million Viewers

Despite an overall 3% drop in viewership among all stations in the Quebec market (2+), it’s worth noting the remarkable performance of several shows surpassing the 900,000-viewer mark: Un zoo pas comme les autres (989,000), La magie des stars (980,000), En tout cas (957,000) and Le bon docteur (941,000).


TVA Nouvelles: The Ultimate News Reference

Viewers are turning to TVA for their news, confirming the station’s leadership at noon, 5 p.m., 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. All these TVA newscasts, anchored by Pierre Bruneau and Sophie Thibault, continue to be the informative authority in Quebec. The 6 p.m. edition of TVA Nouvelles, which is simulcast on TVA and LCN, reaches 851,000 viewers, with a market share of 37%.


Growth for All TVA Group Specialty Channels


LCN: The #1 Specialty Channel

Thanks to its trustworthy team, LCN reaches a new historic milestone by becoming the second-most-watched station every day from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., with a market share of 8.3%. The station has moved ahead of SRC, whose market share stands at 8%. In addition, LCN once again ranks #1 among all specialty channels in Quebec, with a 4.8% share. The station’s dedication to news is shared by its headlining hosts, including Mario Dumont, Paul Larocque, Denis Lévesque, Jean-François Guérin and Emmanuelle Latraverse, as well as its solid team of anchors and on-the-scene reporters, supported by local stations across Quebec.


TVA Sports Grows Its Market share to 2.5%

The arrival of Jean-Charles Lajoie last January had a positive effect on TVA Sports, propelling the station to its stunning 170% growth weekdays from 5 to 7 p.m., from January 14 to April 5 (compared to last winter). In addition, the first round of the NHL Playoffs lifted TVA Sports, TVA Sports 2 and TVA Sports 3 to an **11% viewership increase vs. last year.


Quebecers also continued to put their trust in other TVA Group specialty channels, especially CASA and MOI ET CIE, which both experienced strong viewership growth, i.e. 28% for CASA and 46% for MOI ET CIE among adults 25-54. CASA subscribers appreciate the wealth of on-air experts sharing their knowledge and new discoveries, while MOI ET CIE viewers are manifesting their genuine interest for the station’s documentary-reality programming and true stories. TVA Group is also proud to rely on Zeste and Évasion, two stations that enrich our entertainment specialty TV offering for the benefit of both viewers and advertisers.


“From one year to the next, we remain genuinely touched by the affection that Quebec viewers demonstrate for TVA Group stations, and we thank them for it,” declares Suzane Landry, Senior Director, Stations & Programming, TVA Group. “This latest market share increase confirms that TV is an unequalled media when it comes to bringing people together and providing them with powerful emotional moments. We share this success with all the artists and craftspeople whose professionalism allows us to offer such top-quality programming.”


Source: Numeris, French Quebec, January 7 to April 21, 2019, Mon-Sun 2am-2am, 2+, A25-54

*Ça commence bien l’année (TVA) airing January 6, 2019

**NHL Playoffs, Round 1, April 10-25, 2019

Preliminary data from April 22-25, 2019



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