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Productions Déferlantes tapped for the return of Star Académie
Feb 21, 2020

TVA and Quebecor Content are delighted to announce that Star Académie will be produced by Productions Déferlantes, a frequent collaborator for several years and one of Quebec’s most seasoned variety TV teams. Executive producers Benoît Clermont and Jean-Philippe Dion will work closely with Quebecor Content to develop a Star Académie reboot, to air in winter 2021 on TVA.


The creative team and crew at Productions Déferlantes are responsible for some of the biggest hits on Quebec TV – including La Voix and La vraie nature – and many of them also contributed to the success of previous editions of Star Académie. For example, Benoît Clermont served as the show’s executive producer from 2009 to 2012, and Jean-Philippe Dion was content producer and host of the daily recaps during the show’s first season.


I’m thrilled to team up with Benoît Clermont, the Déferlantes team and the large TVA family to once again experience the whirlwind of Star Académie – a Quebec TV icon that has been instrumental in my career journey, after having worked on four separate seasons. I think of Star Académie as a great learning experience, both for the contestants and for myself!”  

- Jean-Philippe Dion, Vice President, Content & Strategy, Productions Déferlantes


Star Académie has been a true social phenomenon, making a major contribution to our musical culture and the development of new talent. Even after 9 years off the air, its impact is still being felt. Of course, there’s been lots of changes in our society, our consumption habits and this new generation of talent – which is why it was so crucial for us to choose the right partners, to make sure this reboot would offer an enriching experience adapted to today’s artists. Benoît and Jean-Philippe are obviously very experienced, but they’re also trustworthy collaborators when it comes to orchestrating this high-profile – and highly emotional – project.”  

- Denis Dubois, Vice President, Original Content, Quebecor Content


Without a doubt, the return of Star Académie is the most highly anticipated TV event of the winter 2021 season in Quebec. We know that Productions Déferlantes is always committed to delivering programs that meet the high expectations of TVA viewers. Partnering with this experienced team seemed like a natural fit, and TVA can’t wait to reunite with them on this flagship series.” 

- Nathalie Fabien, Senior Director, Channels & Programming, TVA Group 

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