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How to discuss finance with millennials?
Apr 01, 2019




Context and challenge and target audience

Our government has sounded the alarm. We have to overcome a huge deficit: an economic one. A lack of financial knowledge and maturity in the population.

In Quebec, talking openly about money remains a taboo, even if the situation improves. Compared to other Canadians, Quebecers lag behind in terms of financial literacy.

An entire generation, millennials, whose purchasing power is rapidly increasing, is now facing the major stages of life – travel, children, home, credit – without the financial knowledge, the tools or even the desire to do so properly. At the same time, their purchasing power is increasing and they are becoming a prime target for financial institutions.

Paradoxically, there is little or no attractive media to talk to them about money, as most existing resources are redundant, dry or elitist.

Sun Life Financial's (SLF) point of view is a familiar issue: Quebecers do not know who they are or what to do. The brand wants to position itself with millennials as a reference for talking about money in a warm, simple and optimistic way.


Objectives and project description

To improve its performance in Quebec, to position itself as the financial institution of choice for millennials, while addressing Quebecers’ financial malaise, SLF needed search visibility and credibility. It needed well-established partners who could help make it more known... and more loved.


SLF took advantage of the vacancy in the financial media landscape and, in March 2018, co-launched a daring new digital brand with powerful media partner Quebecor:


Porte-monnaie. Its mission? Talk about money and all its facets, simply.


SLF invested for the long term and remedied this deficit by partnering with a major media company with reach and editorial capacity, and with the friendly, honest and inspiring tone SLF wanted to communicate.

The Porte-monnaie brand’s mission: a web portal, Porte-monnaie also serves communities that are committed to social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram). It offers ultra-varied content related to money, with different formats and fun formats (articles, videos, influencer testimonials, news, infographics, webseries, etc.), with a refreshing and popular tone, in line with the target.

As a co-founder, Sun Life Financial is a title sponsor presenting all content, in addition to co-creating specific content tailored to highlight its expertise (products, services, consultants, tools, etc.).



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