Case studies
Driving courses can generate hilarious situations
Oct 30, 2018


The Tecnic chain of driving schools is well known. However, since 2010, driving courses have been mandatory. As a result, schools are multiplying, creating an opening for many potential competitors.

Tecnic's objective is clear: to remain the category leader and to be at the forefront when choosing a driving school to get a license. The challenge: boost the banner and enhance its expertise with opposing targets. Users are mainly teenagers or young adults, but we cannot forget the decider-payer – the parent!

To achieve this, we opted for a content creation strategy, in partnership with VLOG. A unique and strong TV production, connected to the digital reality that’s popular with target groups. Tecnic tells engaging stories and builds a friendly relationship with the target.

There is nothing better than the enclosed environment of a car to witness hilarious situations. We’ve all seen it! That's why we chose to present three duos learning how to drive with a loved one as teacher. The obvious conclusion is that learning to drive is a demanding experience requiring a lot of patience. It's much better to learn from professional driving instructors like Tecnic.


Les Apprentis – Video clips

3 video clips, each about 3 or 4 minutes and starring a duo of known actors reliving their first experiences as student drivers. The narrative is grouped by theme, for example: parking, passing, blind spots. Ultimately, the clips go viral: a major objective of the offensive is achieved!