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Beyond Silos – Here comes the Halo effect
Jul 05, 2019


Too often, ROI is looked at by media channel instead of holistically.


In partnership with ABC-Disney, Accenture conducted a study using media mix modeling to uncover what the real story is when it comes to attribution.  The study was able to quantify the effect of multiplatform TV in the bottom-of-the-funnel investments.


With a proprietary database comprised of 12$B of media investments, 20 brands across 6 categories and clients’ sales, four important insights emerged from the study:

 - The halo effect: Multiplatform TV advertising amplifies search, display, and short-form video ad performance.

- Diminishing returns: Marginal ROI from search, display, and short-form video declines as spend increases.

- Long-term impact: Multiplatform TV advertising drives significant returns beyond year 1.

- Higher ROI: Advertising in long-form digital video outperforms most other digital advertising.

To know more about these findings, click to see our recap of the study :