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Ever heard of inbound marketing?
Apr 12, 2019


With the dominance of digital platforms, advertising is changing profoundly. New terminology, such as Inbound Marketing, is firmly established. The term was invented and promoted by Hubspot in 2006, which made it a methodology and marketed it (a $181M turnover). In fact, the concept is similar to strategies such as pull marketing, earned media or permission marketing.

The dazzling development of this kind of approach is in reaction to the irritants of the traditional advertising approach, sometimes called push, paid or outbound marketing, which is blind and intrusive.

These intrusive approaches interrupt the entertainment or routine to promote a product regardless of relevance to the content or context of the ad. In addition, they have become so numerous (3,000 per day) that they generate a certain invisibility and the explosion of ad blockers (about 1 in 3 surfers).

Simply put, with Inbound marketing, the consumer comes to you. It is their own interest (or need) that is the basis of your strategy. Not only does this approach show your expertise but it dramatically lessens the waste (spray and pray).

This is a tactic that takes some time to deploy (medium to long term) but is much more sustainable:


"Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; show him how to catch fish, and you feed him for a lifetime."



Inbound's preferred channels are your site, blog or newsletter, your social media and influencers through relevant and exclusive content. Vehicles are infographics, videos, articles, posts, press releases, a book, a conference, etc. 98% of clicks are through content (versus advertisements).

And most importantly, you must integrate your consumers into your content because, given all the information resources of today, they often know more than you do about your own products.

Outbound marketing remains the best way to reach more people, more quickly and more often. Inbound marketing is more economical, efficient and sustainable – it provides a desirable buying experience and greatly increases loyalty.


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