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TV highlights for Fall 2018
Apr 12, 2019

In fall 2018, 7.2 million Quebecers watched television every week. This represents 97% of the population and shows how dominant this medium remains in the lives of Quebecers.

While time spent in front of the TV decreased, from 29 hr 36 min in fall 2017 to 28 hr 42 min in fall 2018 (-54 minutes), the majority of TV watching continues to take place live: 86% of the audience watches the program as it is broadcast.

As for the Quebec television landscape, we find all TVA Group stations (TVA and its 9 specialty channels) leading the pack.

They reach 6.5 million Quebecers each week, which is 88% of the population. The Group also has a 38.2% share of the market and its viewership has grown slightly (+0.5 shares) compared to the same period last year.

As for conventional channels, TVA stood out this fall with a 24.4% share of the market, which is more than competitors Ici Radio-Canada Télé (13.9 shares) and V (5.4 shares) combined.

Each week, Quebec television viewers devote 8 hr 36 min of their time to TVA. The network has a lead of approximately 3 hr 24 min over Ici Radio Canada Télé, which has seen a decline in viewership of 8% (vs. -6% for TVA). As for V, the channel’s average viewing time is 2 hr 30 min per viewer, a drop of 11% vs. last year.

TVA leads every day of the week. As proof the audience enjoys the programs broadcast: TVA has 7 programs with a million viewers and dominates the Top 30 most-watched shows with 17, vs. 13 for Ici Radio-Canada Télé.

The specialty channels have a 13.8% share of the market, a rise of 1.6 shares compared to fall 2017. CASA and MOI&CIE stand out with viewership growth of 45% and 24%, respectively.

Source: Numeris, Quebec Fr, Fall 2018 (Sept. 3 – Dec. 2) vs. Fall 2017 (Sept. 4 – Dec. 3) / CASA and MOI&CIE: Aug. 20 – Dec. 23, 2018 vs. Aug. 21 – Dec. 24, 2017, 2+.