Is your smart speaker listening to you?
Apr 12, 2019


Smart speakers are quickly becoming increasingly common in our homes. They listen, adapt and their skills are diversified.

Home automation and connected objects still have a low penetration rate in Quebec and yet, in 2017, 1 out of 6 Quebecers already had a voice assistant at home.


It is usually placed in the living room, followed by the kitchen and sometimes in the bedroom.


In Quebec, Google dominates the market thanks to its superior capacity in French. The use of this device contributes directly to a decline in radio listening and mobile interactions.

40% of people are already comfortable with using voice control on their smartphone. Among them, more than half use it while driving.

88% of men say they are responsible for so-called technological purchases (72% for women). Unsurprisingly, millennials and generation Z are the biggest users.

However, they have concerns about privacy and security. On the other hand, almost half of the people think that the benefits outweigh these risks.

In addition, search results do not provide a list but rather a single choice. This will inevitably provoke a revolution in SEM and SEO tactics.


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