Easter : a weekend of celebrations and spending
Apr 12, 2019

Easter is finally here!

After a long winter without a holiday, most of us can’t wait to celebrate, go out, entertain and give gifts.

On average, we spend $122 per person over this weekend. We entertain a lot: 70% say they will visit or entertain their family, and a traditional ham is served by 26% of hosts. 

But chocolate is the real star: 96% of those who plan to give a gift will give chocolate.

We also like doing family activities (13%), going to sugar shacks (24%), or taking a getaway or trip (16%).


Religion still has a small place in this holiday of religious origin: 14% will go to church or visit a place of worship, and 6% will collect Easter water.


Source: CQCD – Conseil Québécois du commerce de détail, 28 mars 2018