Plateforme 1
Take advantage of the unparalleled passion Quebecers have for their pets!
In this variety show hosted by Pascal Morrissette, our favourite artists have the chance to meet darling animals that will be given the opportunity to charm the audience through their stories, charisma, intelligence and skills. And at the end of the season, the audience will vote for Quebec’s favourite pet! It’s an exceptional opportunity to take advantage of the high performance of a big variety show with a choice target, and enjoy multiple possibilities to advertise across the brand’s platforms.
Wednesday 8 pm
60 min x 12
Entourage Production
A unifying theme people will talk about.

Our furry and feathered little friends are an endless source of conversation on social media. Here’s a unifying format that will give you the opportunity to take advantage of the brand’s social networks as well as the impressive communities built around Salut Bonjour, Sac de Chips and Coup de Pouce to interact and create a positive relationship with your audience.
Source : Vividata Spring 2019, PQ fr, 14+ / Numeris, PQ fr, W19 et F18, L-D, 2h-2h, pet owners