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A wide-reaching window!

After a careful consideration, it was decided that Hublo, your destination for hosting branded content, would have its own dedicated section on the Journal de Montréal website. With various  editorial content pieces published regularly and an 82 domain authority score, you can rest assured that you will get great, wide-reaching visibility and improved SEO referencing. Plus, in a later phase, the Hublo section will become accessible 24/7, making your promotional content visibile to users at all times.

A broad native and social reach

So much effort goes into creating the most captivating stories… of course they should be seen! With Hublo, make your content shine in our new, native advertising format, which is included among the editorial content tiles on our French websites. Your content will also get social media visibility, with a post on the Hublo community Facebook page, shared on the Journal de Montréal page. With so many gateways leading to your content, you can be sure you’ll get maximum visibility and the very best performance.