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An intimate look at Quebec's star system
L’Agence de Michel Gallant (AMG) is seen through the eyes of Camille who has managed to get hired as an assistant at the agency. This opens a world where nothing is a surprise. From twists to turns and flips, Les Invisibles offers many opportunities in connection with the show's theme, the star system, human values and, most importantly, actors.

"Dix pour cent" was awarded the best French series prize at the Grand Prix des séries 2016 Télé / RTL2.
To be confirmed
60 minutes x 12
ALSO & Forum Films
The AMG agency comes to life!
A digital and social presence lifts the curtain on the artists and craftsmen of the cinema. Conversations with the agency's fans, exclusive extracts and a multitude of content related to the agency are offered, thus making the invisible, crystal clear!
Source: Numeris, PQ Fr, S19, 2+