Salut bonjour weekend
Starting the weekends on the right foot!
After more than 23 years of weekends with the team, Salut Bonjour Weekend still holds the audience's love as well as impressive market shares. The huge variety of topics covered in the show offers a multitude of possibilities for integrating content with a moment of relaxation to reach your target audience.
Saturday and Sunday 6:00 am
4 hours
TVA Productions
Salut Bonjour Weekend 2.0
Digital content for Salut Bonjour Weekend is intergrated with the Salut Bonjour website. The portal's lifestyle content constantly renews itself by offering more relevant content to make everyone's daily lives easier. A notable advantage for content marketers: also allows viewers to see highlights of the TV show while watching it live. Plus, the SB Privilèges section offers the ideal environment for contest lovers.  
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One brand, two must-see shows, one Facebook page!

The content generated by Salut Bonjour Weekend is incorporated into the Salut Bonjour Facebook page. A powerful brand on the digital platform Salut Bonjour has a growing fan base. Every day, the show welcomes its community with its most popular TV moments, live Facebook, quizzes, and content that generates significant brand interaction. A valuable social conversation reaching your customers every day!

Source: Numeris, French Quebec, S19 (Jan. 7 – April 21), 2+. 2,2M different viewers /Google Analytics Multiplatform traffic, April 2019 / DFP April 2019 / Social networks: May 2019