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An herbal tea, a magazine, happiness. Reading a magazine, flipping through the pages, discovering all its essence promotes an intimate relationship with your customer. Time stops, consideration for your brand is activated. Your message comes alive with prestige and longevity in your customer’s hands.

Much more than beautiful paper or lovely colours, magazines build awareness and a commitment to your brand.

40 min

on average spent
reading a printed magazine

66 %

of readers say they
trust newspaper ads

63 %

of readers act after
seeing an ad

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7 Jours

Quebec's #1 artistic and cultural reference.

For nearly 30 years, 7 Jours magazine has been a faithful narrator for the Quebec star-system. A cultural and artistic weekly, 7 Jours publishes interviews and reports with an exclusive look at star’s lives, thus creating a privileged link between the public and its Quebec celebrities. All with the greatest respect!

Be the star!

With in-depth interviews, high-quality photographs and exclusive articles, 7 Jours allows advertisers to integrate with a relevant and entertaining magazine while sticking closely to the star system! A powerful vehicle at every level!

7 Jours magazine reaches 497,000 readers a week, making it the most widely-read magazine in its category!

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issues per year

30 826​

weekly circulation

497 k​

readers per week

Canadian Living

Canadian Living is the #1 media brand for Canadian women. Sharing inspiring ideas for everyday living.

Our Tested-Till-Perfect recipes are at the heart of Canadian Living. From quick and easy dinners (on the table in 30 minutes or less!) to special occasion entertaining, food is the reason readers turn to us every day. From there, readers explore the trends and tips that influence all aspects of their life, from fashion & beauty, community stories, health, fitness and decor.

Our Tested-Till-Perfect recipes are at the heart of Canadian Living

Our tone is approachable, energetic, experienced and credible, and the advice is shared and trusted. Canadian Living is like a best friend, in the know, always objective and wise with an element of surprise, saying: “We can do this together.”

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issues per year


special issues

3.3 M

monthly readers

71 %


Clin d'oeil

A friendly, illuminating and committed brand!

Inspiring readers, democratizing trends and offering practical, accessible style solutions is the mission of the Clin d’œil magazine. A style and beauty bible, an essential address book and a deciphering phenomena, Clin d’œil is more than a fashion magazine, it’s a way of life!

The most read French fashion magazine

Sharing practical tips so readers learn all about the latest trends, Clin d’œil is also the perfect guide to everyday wear. Warm and friendly, Clin d’œil helps Quebec women to shine through its relevant content, which is designed to their needs.

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issues per year

522 K

monthly readers

77 %



The youth reference in Quebec!

Speaking to teenagers in Quebec for more than 20 years, Cool! is a big sister and a confidante. Every month, Cool! offers exclusive interviews with teens’ favourite stars, movie and video game reviews, suggestions for music and reading, lots of advice on friend and romantic relationships, a fun horoscope, tests to do alone or with friends, and recipes.

The magazine to reach teens in Quebec!

Cool! stands out among its target clientele. Read each month by 239,000 people and number one among 13 to 17 year olds, Cool! is mostly consumed by teenage girls.

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issues per year

239 K

monthly readers

67 %


Coup de Pouce

Life made easier!

Coup de Pouce is more than just easy and delicious recipes. It delivers concrete, simple and accessible solutions to women’s concerns in all aspects of their lives: health, beauty, decor, fashion, psychology, leisure, family and travel. Generous and comprehensive, Coup de Pouce also provides many ways to save energy, time and money, while contributing to its readers’ happiness every day!

The most read French lifestyle magazine for women 18 plus!

Coup de Pouce is one of the top 3 most read French magazines.

The brand not only offers multiple opportunities for integration with its themes, it also offers the opportunity to create original content that features the advertiser.

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issues per year

1.21 M

monthly readers

+50 %

over Châtelaine

+161 %

over Véro magazine

Dernière Heure

An uncommon magazine!

Irreverent, entertaining and unusual, Dernière Heure surprises, informs and excites! Its mission is to report the scandals of the day, present surprising social phenomena and offer testimonies that get everyone talking.

From unusual to shocking!

In addition to the latest scandals, Dernière Heure presents shocking crime stories, paranormal activities and articles from the best of the web. This magazine is truly surprising!

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issues per year

143 K

readers per week

Échos Vedettes

100% stars!

For more than 50 years, Échos Vedettes magazine has been offering readers an editorial content mainly focused on Quebec showbiz. A weekly intimate look at rumours and news of the private and public lives of Quebecers’ favourite stars!

More than gossip!

Échos Vedettes includes a large TV section and a full schedule. The arts and entertainment section features reports, relevant reviews on film, theatre and music.

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issues per year

187 K

readers per week

16 366

weekly circulation


The dominant brand for Quebec's active people

The leader in Quebec for outdoor, adventure and fitness content.
Espaces delivers a potent ecosystem consisting of a print and digital magazine, newsletter, a web platform, social media platforms, and an application – directly into the hands of your potential customers.

Espaces audience is active, engaged and explorers

Quebec’s biggest outdoor magazine Espaces is Quebec most important source of outdoor content since 1995. With clean graphics, inspiring editorial content and a team of seasoned editors, Espaces magazine is read, appreciated and recommended.

Free magazine – print & digital. Espaces is available in specialty shops (sports, outdoors, bike, travel), parks, universities, bookstores, sports centres, as well as in some cafes and public places.

For more information, read the latest edition of Espaces magazine online.

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issues per year

100 K

copies per issue

273 K

readers per issue

59 %


La Semaine

The people's magazine!

A companion to the daily lives of its readers, La Semaine features interviews and art reports that share the emotions of beloved stars. La Semaine is also a platform for ordinary people doing extraordinary things! With its multitude of columns on fashion, beauty, recipes and home life, La Semaine is practical, useful and entertaining for the whole family.

More than just culture and showbiz!

La Semaine stands out with its varied content for every member of the family. Its wide variety of content makes La Semaine a smart and flexible vehicle with numerous partnership and integration opportunities for advertisers.

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issues per year

377 K

readers per week

26 384

weekly circulation

The Car Guide

A credible and strong brand.

A media leader for more than 53 years in the automotive world, The Car Guide is a credible source of information for both manufacturers and the general public. Experienced journalists, business intelligence and creativity make The Car Guide the ultimate automotive partner!

A best-seller in Quebec for five decades.

Addressing both the general public and car enthusiasts of all types, for more than five decades The Car Guide has been a reference for all things automotive. A reliable source of information, The Guide faithfully accompanies all those who wish to make an informed decision when purchasing a car.

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95 K

copies distributed annually

200 K

copies of this publication are distributed free to visitors over the 10 days of the Auto Show.

570 K


Les idées de ma maison

The decor coaching specialist.

A friendly, inspiring and credible home decor magazine, Les Idées de ma Maison is a source for practical and accessible decorating ideas. Les Idées de ma Maison helps readers (whose average age is 53 years old) with their renovation and decor projects with content filled with expert advice, shopping suggestions and concrete solutions to beautify their nest.

The only Quebec decor magazine

Les Idées de ma Maison deals with a whole host of topics related to interior improvements: low-priced decor, country and cottage decor, dream kitchens, trend guides, renovations, outdoor landscaping guides and more. A flexible and generous brand serving the objectives of advertisers!

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issues per year

640 K

monthly readers

63 %


Star Système

The secret world of Hollywood stars!

Curious, voyeuristic and daringly entertaining, Star Système magazine offers unique editorial content, fuelling the insatiable curiosity of the public for everything that touches the privacy of Hollywood stars.

Know it all!

A happy mix of news, rumours, secrets and paparazzi photos of international stars, Star Système is the perfect ally to know everything about stars from all over the world!

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issues per year

10 706

copies per week

140 K

readers per week

28 K

Facebook fans

Style at Home

Canada's top resource for fabulous decorating, design and entertaining ideas.

Style at Home keeps readers up to date on the latest trends, engaging and inspiring them through every medium to develop their own personal style.

Canadian home decor with a focus on what matters

Our experts’ accessible advice helps Canadians make renovating, decorating and entertaining choices they’ll feel great about.

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special issues

1.8 M

monthly readers

77 %


TV Hebdo

Quebec's TV guide!

Offering global television coverage, TV Hebdo has been a part of Quebecers’ lives for more than 55 years, guiding them in their daily program choices.

Much more than a simple TV schedule!

Constantly on the lookout for new shows, TV Hebdo offers not only the schedule, but it also provides a detailed description of the plots of popular television shows and series, as well as a daily list of programs and major sporting events of the week. There’s even a section presenting recipes, beauty and health columns, and more. Everything for everyone!

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issues per year

316 K

readers per week

47 716

weekly circulation

9 K

Facebook fans