Commercial solutions
Commercial solutions
Whether digital, television, out-of-home, newspapers, magazines or radio, our commercial purchasing teams help you to optimize your investment and effectively reach your customers.
Impactful formats, from the most traditional to the most innovative. Flexible strategies for unparalleled reach in your market.


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Creative solutions
Creative solutions
To capture your target’s attention or when you need to boost consideration of your product or your message, a customized solution is required.
Every year, Media Creativity conceives and executes several hundred strategies built according to each client’s brief or needs. Work together with our brands and take advantage of mental capital transfer. Use our platforms in clever or surprising ways for a snowball effect.


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Content solutions
Content solutions
Effective content marketing comes down to two components that cannot be improvised: creative expertise and massive deployment.
The NumériQ team has nearly 200 creators and the scale of our brands offers unparalleled reach for your videos, articles, computer graphics, augmented reality, etc.
Depending on the level of involvement you want and the endorsement of our brands, four types of content are available: native, co-branded, sponsored and advertorial.


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Audience solutions
Audience solutions (data)
When it comes to data management, what differentiates big players from others is the breadth of data. The more massive it is, the more the audiences are varied and precise.
Programmatic marketing is not enough anymore. Our Data Management Platform (DMP) uses algorithms in total confidentiality to increase the efficiency of reaching your customers by eliminating as much waste as possible.
And when you can retarget with such precision, it’s best to do it in an integrated environment (no offensive content or fake news).


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Experiential solutions
Experiential solutions
Whether to activate your sponsorship in the field during our events or, in another context, to create an experience from scratch for your customers, our Gestev division prepares and manages your activation with care – because every detail counts!
Now integrated into the one-stop shop, experiential solutions are another demonstration of the magnitude that convergence can give your business.


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Production commerciale
Production solutions
Available on request from our partner clients, we offer solutions for the development and production of original advertising or the production of content in collaboration with our brands, regardless of the platform.
The best way to bring an idea to life is to work with a good team. We offer a simplified approach, perfectly adapted and, above all, a more humane production: a customizable project, according to your requirements and parameters, with internal talent, craftspeople from all our platforms or experts from the MELS Studios.


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