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An extraordinary audience composition
La Voix appeals and caters to all demographics. It also succeeds in breaking generational barriers. It unifies and unites everyone via a universal common thread: music and song. La Voix is, without a doubt, the TV property that casts the widest net and offers impressive reach.
Original broadcast
Sunday 7:30 pm
90 minutes
Production Déferlantes
A highly qualified audience profile
The performance index of La Voix show a diverse audience, which corresponds to many advertisers, with income and a level of education which are higher than average.
Indisputable digital and social reach
During the 2018 season, La Voix was #1 on the TVA website. The show attracted 1.1 million unique visitors, generating 4.1 million page-views and 1.5 million video views via the on-demand platform. Many of the show’s fans visit the website on the go, as 70% of traffic comes from mobile phones. Without a doubt, La Voix is one of the most “social” TV shows in Quebec. It has 410,000 Facebook fans,158,000 Twitter followers,11.3 million YouTube and Facebook video views, and 68,200 Instagram subscribers – all contributing to the show’s wide-ranging visibility.
Source: Numeris, PQ Fr, W18 (Jan. 8 - April 22), M-S, 2h-2h, 2+